Benefits to having a career with Sheet Metal Workers Local #55

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Industries best wage and benefit package Job Referral
Full Family Health Care plan (Employer Paid) Training
N.W. Pension Wage equalization
N.W. 401k plan Fair Working Rules
National Sheet Metal Pension Professional Organization
Welding Certification Career Pathway

A Career with SMW55As a local #55 member dispatched to a union contractor your benefits are clearly defined on your dispatch.

Your benefits shadow you for your entire career as the employers you work for all participate in our various benefit programs: NW Sheet Metal Health Care Plan, NW Sheet Metal Pension Plan, NW 401k & National Pension. All of the hours you work accumulate for your entire career into these same benefits.

Wages and benefits are collectively bargained between the union and the contractor association.

laser cutting2Union wage and benefits apply fairly to all workers and ensure equal wages to journey level and apprentice workers. The union wage package protects workers from suffering discrimination based upon gender, age, race or other discriminatory factors.

Job referral as a member of local #55 you are part of a full referral union to get you dispatched to quality jobs.

Training for both full time apprentices and journeyman up grade classes as scheduled by the J.A.T.C.

Contact a Local #55 Organizer or Business Representatives for information on a career

How many workers have ever retired from the shop you currently work for?

Here is a typical scenario that happens to people working for non-signatory Sheet Metal Contractors almost every day:

A person can work hard for many years at a non-union company and after years of loyal commitment, they work their wages up to a respectable $20 to $25 per hour, then the shop gets slow, gets new management or goes out of business and that same worker must look for another job.

They finally find work at another non-union shop only to be offered a job that only pays $17 per hour. With the promise of a job/pay review after 90 days that never seems to happen. If they are lucky, after several months they can start all over in another health care plan and/or some kind of 401k or Profit Sharing scheme. The dirty trick is that they cannot participate in the profit sharing until they have been there at least a year.

As an individual they do not have the power to negotiate a favorable wage or benefit package. Simply put, you are at the mercy of the employers “Take it or Leave it” plan.

For more information contact a Local #55 Representative.