Important updates on local #55 membership meetings and Covid-19 impacts

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As we cope with the Covid-19 pandemic and face restrictions put in place by health officials, Local #55 be moving to a virtual Zoom Webinar platform for future meetings in 2021. These meetings are hosted by the ITI in support of local unions that are having to perform these webinars; this is an invaluable resource to have at this time. Although it is a departure from our normal meetings, I am confident that we can have quality informative membership meetings.  Here is a look forward to our future meetings:

Spokane/Lewiston Area:

Recently, the Spokane area members were mailed a post card informing them that the December 15th  (6 pm PST) meeting will be virtual, and links to registration will be on the local #55 website.  The announcement also included a notice that since the Spokane area portion of the CBA was expiring, that a vote to open the contract will be required via zoom on January 19th, 2021. This will be a short Special Order of Business virtual meeting in January to hold the contract opener vote. We will have a practice sample vote at the December 15th meeting so all of us can become familiar with the online voting process.

Register for the Special Order Of Business Spokane Area Meeting for a vote to open CBA January 19, 2021 Registration Link

Pasco/Boise area December meetings canceled:

Unfortunately, with the spike in Covid-19 and the new health restrictions, we will be canceling the December meetings in Pasco and Boise. We have seen this virus attack people in our community as well as our members and their families. Please stay safe and protect your loved ones.

All Area (Pasco/Boise/Spokane/Lewiston)  Zoom Meeting January 21, 2021:

We will be having an all-area virtual zoom meeting for local #55 on January 21, 2021, at 6 pm PST. Please look for postcards with information on registration in the coming weeks. This virtual meeting will more than likely be the new normal until the pandemic is over. We have tried to maintain in-person meetings as long as possible in hope that the pandemic would end. However, it is time to move onto virtual meetings to keep transparency of the council and information to the members.

Register for the Local #55 All-Area meeting Pasco, Boise, Spokane & Lewiston January 21, 2021 Registration Link

Again, we have all heard or seen the direct impact of COVID-19 on our members and families by this deadly virus. I ask to keep our fellow brothers and sisters in our thoughts and prayers during this pandemic. Let’s remain optimistic moving into 2021 and better times ahead.


Kolby Hanson
Vice President NW Regional Council of SMART
Regional Manager SMART #55