SMART Local #55

Notice of Special Order of Business (SOB) for the 2019 wage allocations

In order to update the new June 1, 2019 wage sheets in a timely manner there will be a special
“Single Item Only” Special Order of Business meetings held in the three (3) contractual areas of local #55. For the purpose to allocate the 2019 wage increase.

The meeting times and places are as follows:
5/1/19 Pasco, WA. 1718 W. Sylvester Street @ 6:30pm
5/2/19 Spokane, WA. 7209 E. Trent @ 6:00pm
5/2/19 Lewiston, ID 1618 Idaho Street @6:00pm
5/8/19 Boise, Idaho 5682 W. Albatros Street @ 6:00pm

Bill Palmer- President
Kolby Hanson- Business Manager
Sean VanPelt-Business Representative
John Little- Business Representative
JR Finlay- Business Representative