Q: How do I contact my local Business Representative?
A: You may visit http://smw55.org/contact_us.html on our website for a list of current contacts.

Q: When should I file for my SASMI severance?
A: At the time of separation from the Union is the best time. SASMI will hold your paperwork until the 12 month waiting period is over then process it. This way you don’t forget about it and miss the opportunity to collect you severance benefit if you have one.

A: SASMI Severance Benefit – For those who worked prior to 1996
Please contact Business Rep when you retire.

Q: How can I sign up for ACH?
A: See the new form here. See second page.

Q: Where do I get all of my retirement papers?
A: You can come into the office or you can go to www.smwnpf.org for your National Pension and www.nwsheetmetal.aibpa.com for your Northwest Pension.